Our Divisions

Xplora Search

Our team of talented recruiters has a deep knowledge of the market and has developed strong relationships within our business community. We take the time to get to know our candidates both professionally and personally because we know it takes a lot more than just a resume to match the right person with the right opportunity. We are committed to understanding your goals and leveraging our vast network to connect you with the right company or employee, right away.

-Jeff Olshin

Xplora Staffing and Consulting

 “We pride ourselves on opening doors for talent. Our team is in the business of building long-standing relationships –  many of our candidates have become clients, and clients refer us candidates. We provide a quick turnaround to fulfill open vacancies. Our consultants work through projects/acquisitions/workload issues, and in a lot of cases end up landing longer term engagements or even permanent positions once they have become an ‘Xplora proven’ asset.

-Sarah Clark

Xplora Technology

Digital transformation requires investments in the right technologies and the right talent. Talent who can activate innovation and culture. That’s where we come inWe help our clients quickly build their team, adjust for seasonal surges, staff new locations, and improve their business. Our recruiting expertise and industry-focused recruiters give you an advantage when filling your crucial internal roles by giving you access to a better selection of candidates.

-Andy Thatcher