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Tips for Balancing WFH, Teaching & Parenting

While working from home has been the new normal for quite a few months now, it is likely that your home is not only your workspace anymore, but your children’s workspace as well. We have all had to face the hard truth that things can get a little chaotic when your home is functioning as a place of work. Now, with the added bonus of online school, let’s face it, things can get tricky. Keep reading for some tips on how to maintain balance and set boundaries while working from home with children virtually learning!

Establish a morning routine 

Now that the kids are back in school, your mornings have probably been a bit different than they were over the summer. Establishing a morning routine is a helpful way to mitigate the stress that comes along with those hectic weekday mornings. Structure can be the key to ensuring that your mornings are smooth and productive. Just remember to ensure that everyone is on board and knows what to expect. Take some time to sit down with your family to discuss a schedule that works best for everyone and agree on an action plan!

Be optimistic

It’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of these changes, but don’t overlook the positives. These will be different for everyone, but here are a few ideas:

  • Do something that you might not have had the time to do back when school wasn’t virtual such as sitting together as a family and having breakfast.
  • Set some time aside in your new morning routine that you look forward to such as taking a break to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

While a change in routine can be unsettling, realize that you now have the opportunity to make improvements and take advantage of the new normal. There is always a silver lining!

Establish separate workspaces

Designating separate rooms or spaces for each family member to complete their work during the day is a great way to establish boundaries, boost productivity, structure the day. It is important for everyone to have a clear divide between workspaces and relaxation spaces. Doing everything from home can easily blur the lines between one’s work-life and home-life, so assigning workspaces is the first step to avoiding this. This will also help reduce any conflict or distractions among your family.

Set time aside to help your kids

The structure and supervision your children used to get at school is now limited to a computer screen. Depending on their learning style, this can be a difficult transition! Some days, your kids may need your help during the day. Have a conversation with your children to let them know the times you can help them out. Doing this will both set boundaries and eliminate uncertainty. Don’t forget to discuss this with your company as well to make sure everyone is aware of your situation. Balancing being an employee, a teacher and most importantly, a parent at the same time may seem difficult at first, but soon it will become second nature!

Here is some advice from Erin Elsdon, our HR Manager who is balancing working from home with children virtually learning:

Like so many other parents, I have transitioned to working remotely while preparing to support my family through a crisis. Trying to balance working from home, being a parent, and a temporary educator is no joke! What I have found that works best for me comes down to a combination of measures. Good planning, structure, creativity and flexibility help me create an environment in which we can all fulfill our obligations – while maintaining family harmony. As always, communication is key! I was upfront with my boss & my colleagues about the adjustments I needed to make about my work schedule. I connect regularly with my kids’ teachers and expect my children to do so as well if they are struggling with an assignment. While I don’t know how long this new arrangement will last, what I do know is that we are all trying to do our best and as hard as it can be at times, I am grateful to have this time with my kids. Of course, I’m not alone in the new normal of balancing ever-present kids with work, some days are great & others are not. At the end of the day, celebrate the days accomplishments and get prepared for the next day at home with your tiny colleagues!

– Erin Elsdon, HR Manager

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