How to Handle the Waiting Period After Submitting an Application

Let’s face it…there is a lot of waiting involved in the job search process. These waiting periods can be even more stressful than the actual application or interview. The initial waiting period comes after you submit your application. During this time, you are probably waiting by the phone, checking your email multiple times a day and asking yourself questions like

How long should it take to hear back after applying?

While it would be great if there was one set answer, some companies fill certain positions very quickly, while others take a longer time. Every company has a different hiring process and therefore operates on different timelines. It all depends on things like urgency, company size, number of applicants, etc.

According to this article,

“Depending on what’s happening within a company, the urgency to fill the role can vary. In fact, during a job search, people report a wide range of experiences…

  • 44% hear from employers within a couple weeks of applying
  • 37% hear back within one week
  • Only 4% hear back within one day…”

What should I do if I haven’t heard back after applying?

If you haven’t heard anything for a while – don’t panic! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you did not get an interview…give it a couple of weeks. During this time, apply to other positions and continue your job search as usual – it is always good to keep your options open.

Don’t get too in your head about it or take it personally if you have not received a timely response. It is easy to overlook the fact that hiring managers are often very busy and have many applications to sort through before they can reach out and offer interviews.

If a couple weeks go by and you still haven’t heard anything, feel free to send a follow-up email. Doing so will further express your interest, get the conversation going and help you stand out as a candidate. If you have the hiring manager’s contact information, you can reach out to them directly. These articles have some great templates for follow-up emails for when you are waiting to hear back after applying:

These limbo periods can be frustrating; however, it is important to not stress over the things you can’t control. To get through this difficult time, just remember that you gave your best effort and things will work out the way they are supposed to!