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Skills for Thriving in a Post-Pandemic Work Environment

Not only has this pandemic changed our work environments, it has also highlighted the skills required for a productive virtual workplace. As more and more employees have transitioned to virtual work, companies have gained the opportunity to evaluate their employees in a new way. They have been given the chance to discern their stronger employees and therefore the skills required to persevere through these new circumstances. Whatever the skills and talents that make up a successful remote worker, one thing is certain; even with an eventual move back into the office, companies will be looking for those same qualities in both current employees and future hires.

You may be wondering, what are some of these attributes? Keep reading for five important skills you must have in order to succeed in a post-pandemic work environment. If you are already employed, be sure to bring these skills back to the in-person workplace. If you are seeking new opportunities, keep these skills in mind during your job search process.

  1. Empathy

This pandemic has shed light on the importance of empathy. Because we are all experiencing the effects of this pandemic to an extent, empathy has become much more of a consistent and natural sentiment. While it is crucial during times like this, it should not be limited to this pandemic…especially not in the workplace! Empathy in a post-pandemic work environment will have many benefits. To start, it will help everyone feel more comfortable and confident at work. It will also allow employees to feel a sense of community which has the potential to boost morale and productivity!

2. Positivity

Positivity has always been important in the professional world, but it is essential now more than ever. While they may have gone unnoticed before, the people who have maintained a positive attitude during virtual work have definitely stood out. During times of uncertainty, employees with calm energy and positive dispositions are essential in a productive workplace. If it wasn’t already, this will absolutely become an important skill for both future hires and current employees moving forward.

3. Technological abilities

For most companies, technological skills were a requirement prior to this pandemic. However, the implementation of virtual work has validated the importance of these skills even more. This pandemic has allowed us to see how quickly the traditional workplace can change in the case of a crisis. If something ever happens again where things must be switched over to virtual work or there are other unexpected changes, companies want to ensure that no one would have any major technological struggles and would be able to adjust with little to no problems.

4. Adaptability

Virtual work has allowed many companies to see how employees adjust to changes. They have been able to see which employees struggled with these changes and which employees embraced them. With so much still unknown, companies want to be confident that all of their employees will be able to handle anything that comes their way, so adaptability is a skill they are going to be seeking.

5. Motivation & self-direction

Before, employees might have been able to get immediate answers and assistance if they were struggling with a task. However, with virtual work, they now have to wait for an answer and in the meantime come up with solutions on their own. Even though it might be frustrating at times, it has been a learning experience on determination and resilience. This may cause companies to alter their management styles after they have seen what their employees are capable of.

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Post inspired by Fast Company’s article “6 skills employees will need in the post-pandemic workplace” by Gwen Moran

Sources used: Fast Company and McKinsey Accelerate

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