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Candidate FAQs

Are you job seeking and considering engaging a recruiting agency? This blog post addresses some frequently asked questions from candidates and our answers to them!

Q: What’s better for me in my career (CPA or MBA)?

A: While any continuing education is beneficial for career advancement, in the Accounting profession, the CPA certification will ultimately hold more value long term throughout your career. Pursuing an MBA is a great avenue to round out your education and make yourself most marketable, especially in a Corporate Finance related role. 

Q: Is there an optimal time to leave public accounting for industry if I don’t have aspirations to be a partner?

A: The optimal time to leave is a personal preference, but historically the figures have shown the best time to make a transition from public is before making Manager. Reason being that more staff & senior level positions in industry exists than do Manager (and up) titles. In addition, majority of Manager (and up) level position tend to be filled by way of internal promotion. 

Q: What should I be looking for when choosing a recruiter to handle my search?

A: Like choosing a doctor, dentist, contractor, etc. a number of things are important when choosing a recruiter, but reputation is key. Ask your colleagues, friends in your industry, etc. who they used, who they recommend, who they had a good experience with. Your career is your livelihood, and you want to choose a recruiter who is loyal, trustworthy, and sends you positions that are tailored to/make the most sense for you and your career.

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