Benefits of Interim Consulting and Temporary Jobs

1. Quick hiring process

If you are looking to start a new job immediately, it could be beneficial to consider applying for a temporary position. The hiring process for consultants is usually quick because companies are often looking for project-based consultants that are able to start working right away. Here at Xplora, we can find the perfect temporary role for you in a matter of days!

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2. Gain experience

Thinking about making a career change? Becoming an interim consultant is a great way to gain experience in a new industry, grow your network and learn new skills that will enhance your resume for your future job search. Project-based work can be helpful if you want to make a career change, but don’t have enough (or any) relevant experience. A consulting position can help you become more qualified for a permanent position in your industry of interest. Working temporary jobs will help you diversify your resume and provide you more clarity when job searching down the line.

3. Short-term commitment

If you are not certain about a new career path, no need to worry! A temporary position will give you the opportunity to ease into a new line of work and learn the ins and outs of an industry without having to make a long-term commitment! Since there is a timeframe established right off the bat, it allows you to do a ‘test run’ of a job, company and/or industry. Whether you enjoy your experience or not, each temporary job you have will help you better identify what you are looking for in a job and in your career as a whole.

4. Fills resume gaps

If you are between jobs or struggling to find a permanent position, temporary work is a good option because it will prevent gaps in your resume. Having long-term gaps between jobs often raises questions to employers when viewing applications and can even be the determining factor of whether or not an applicant is called in for an interview. Even if you spent that entire period job searching, hiring managers would have no way of knowing that purely based on an application. Having a temporary position while job searching will give you something to show for that time period and communicate to potential employers that you take your career seriously. It will also prove that you remained committed to honing your skills and gaining knowledge and experience between jobs, which could help you stand out as an applicant.

5. Can lead to a permanent position

If you succeed in a temporary role and your employer decides that you are a good fit for the company, a temporary position could potentially be a steppingstone to a permanent offer! While this does happen, it is important to note that there is never a guarantee, as each situation is different. That being said, if you don’t receive a full-time offer from the company, don’t get discouraged or view your experience as time wasted. Project-based work is so much more than just the job you have while you are between jobs! Regardless of the outcome, a temporary position has the potential to open many doors in your career. For one, the experience you gain from consulting could provide you with a competitive advantage in your job search and help you stand out to hiring managers. With each temporary position, you get the chance to meet many experienced professionals in the industry with connections to various companies. It is a great way to develop your career and exponentially grow your network which can lead to endless new opportunities.

6. Consulting as a career

Have you ever considered making a career out of consulting? Many people begin as an interim consultant and enjoy project-based work so much that they build their career around it and begin to market themselves as a consultant/freelancer rather than look for permanent positions. Making a career out of consulting and project-based work is great for people who thrive on a change in environment, management style, company culture and workplace dynamic. If this sounds like you, then it might be a good idea to reconsider seeking a permanent position and look into becoming a full-time consultant!

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