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Have you considered engaging a recruiting agency to coach and mentor you through your job search process? Our Xplora team is committed to helping you achieve your career goals. Let us help alleviate your stress and make your job search enjoyable! Mike Krebs and Josline Jose, two of our recruiters, address some frequently asked questions from candidates here:

Q: What’s the benefit of using a Recruiter/Agency?

A: With Xplora specifically, we have a really strong understanding of the industry/market with strong relationships with top tier Accounting and Finance professionals in the area, so you have the advantage of being maybe 1 of 4 or 5 resumes rather than 1 of over 100 people applying directly to a posting from the company itself. You also get the benefit of having an advocate throughout the entire process to help guide and prep you along the way and provide you with detailed feedback. You also have the ability to ask questions throughout the entire process and apply to multiple companies simultaneously. Working with a Recruiter is a great resource to utilize even along with doing your own applying/interviewing and it builds long lasting relationships. I have people I’ve worked with over 5 years ago that still reach out to me! 

Q: What is the interview process like during the pandemic times/moving past the pandemic?

A: Most companies have adjusted to do virtual interviews and continue to do virtual interviews moving forward. It does seem that the market is starting to shift back towards an occasional in-person interview, but most companies who have made the adjustment seem to like the flexibility and convenience of a virtual interview. 

Q: Are there a lot of fully remote positions?

A: Although the pandemic forced companies to adjust and do as much as possible virtually, it does seem that companies are not fully embracing a 100% work from home schedule, long-term, quite yet.  Although we do see more of these remote roles than ever before, it is still not the norm on the market and candidates should expect companies to begin having employees back in the office (even if it’s a hybrid schedule of 2-3 days/week in the office).

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