5 Reasons you Should Never Join a Video Interview from your Phone

We, at Xplora, are here to help you ensure that your virtual interviews remain professional and that you make a good impression. Many people have gotten a lot more comfortable with virtual interviews over the last year and a half. However, at what point does this level of comfort become unprofessional? This blog post will shed light on why joining a video interview from your phone isn’t the best move and what you should do instead!

  1. Unfavorable first impression

Joining a video interview from your phone when you are the interviewee is never a good idea, especially if it is your first-round interview with a hiring manager. You want to avoid doing anything in your interview that will hinder your credibility or cause the interviewer to question your ability to succeed in the role. Think about it; let’s say a hiring manager was conducting two interviews for the same position and that one person answered from their phone while driving and the other answered from their computer at their desk. Right off the bat they will likely feel that the more reliable candidate is the one who was at their desk, regardless of the content of each interview. When it comes to interviews, first impressions are extremely important!

2. Unprofessional

Aside from giving the interviewer a bad first impression of who you are as a person and/or potential employee, it is also extremely unprofessional and is not standard business practice to join an interview call from your phone. Instead of joining from your phone in a public place or from your car, be sure to join the call from a computer with a minimalistic and well-lit background, if possible. This will start the interview off on a positive note and will set you apart from other candidates who might not have done the same.

3. Shows a lack of respect for the hiring manager’s time

Joining a video interview from your phone usually will make you come across as rude and inconsiderate. The hiring manager will likely assume that the interview is not your priority and that you are disinterested, even if that is not the case. This is disrespectful to the hiring manager because they took the time out of their schedule to conduct the interview and they will probably feel that you did not do the same. Always be courteous and give hiring managers your utmost respect and undivided attention…(from a computer)!

4. Can cause poor connection

We all have been there – when the FaceTime connection cuts in and out or when your Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong enough. Think of the frustration you feel when you are on the other end of that call. Now, imagine that a hiring manager is on the other end of that call. When you join an interview call from your phone, you run the risk of an unstable connection way more than if you were joining from a computer in your home. This can be very disruptive and therefore the interview will likely not run as smoothly as it could. For one, you might miss some of the questions the hiring manager asks, and/or they might not hear your answers. If crucial aspects of the interview get lost in the poor Wi-Fi connection, it could ultimately hinder your chances of being hired.

5. Unenjoyable

Lastly, joining an interview from your phone can simply make the interview unenjoyable for everyone involved. Unlike a computer that would be resting on a desk, when you’re holding your phone in your hand, you run the risk of having a shaky screen or dropping it. A chaotic and shaky screen does not make for an enjoyable phone call, let alone a professional interview.

Bottom line: if you are in an unexpected situation where you are unable to join the interview from your computer, it is better to explain your situation to the hiring manager and try to reschedule instead of simply joining from your phone.

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