You Received an Offer…Now What?

An offer has been extended to you – congratulations! What do you do now? Our team at Xplora is here to help you strategize your next steps to ensure you are set up for success all the way through the end of this process and up until your first day at your new job.

Before you give a verbal or written commitment, keep these steps in mind and make sure you have your professional references ready to go, as your recruiter will check them on behalf of your prospective employer.

  1. Be prepared for the offer call

Talk to your recruiter beforehand so that you know the best way to handle this call if you are speaking directly with your new employer and an offer is being delivered directly to you. A lot of employers have been delivering offers via video nowadays, so it’s also important to remember that, even during this call, you are STILL INTERVIEWING! While you are not required to give an answer on the spot, you certainly can, especially if you’re excited and the offer is in line with your expectations! If you need time to talk to your circle of influence, let your recruiter and/or the employer know this and confirm when the deadline is to give an answer. Thank them for the opportunity and let them know you will be back to them timely; this shows your enthusiasm but gives you time to make a well-informed decision. Also, take advantage of this additional conversation as an opportunity to ask any additional questions.

2. Negotiate your offer, if necessary

Once you receive the initial offer, talk to your recruiter if you think you want to negotiate the offer. This is the time to voice any concerns and negotiate what is fair, but ONLY if you are serious about taking the offer with this company. If this step is necessary, work with your recruiter on the best way to handle it. Our team will offer you some professional & proven strategies to ensure you are receiving a fair and competitive offer.

3. Review your written offer

Once you have verbally accepted/committed to the terms of the offer, you will receive a written offer letter where you can review the salary, bonus, benefits, and time off. Make sure your offer includes all aspects of the offer that you discussed with both your recruiter and prospective employer.

4. Background check & drug screen

Your prospective employer will likely require a background check and/or drug screen as a condition of employment. If you suspect there to be any issues with either, it’s imperative that you let your recruiter know immediately.

5. Pre-planned vacations? Once you accept your offer, let your new employer know if you have any pre-planned vacations or scheduled PTO for the remainder of the year.

6. Inform other prospective employers that you’re interviewing with

If you have other interviews going on, extend the courtesy of letting those companies know that you have already accepted another job offer or that you are expecting another offer. This is a professional courtesy and employers greatly appreciate this, as it opens the door for other candidates that the company is interested in.

7. Go the extra mile with a thank you phone call

Once you’ve accepted your offer, it’s a great idea to call your new manager to relay your excitement and enthusiasm about coming to work on their team! It’s the little things that go a long way.

8. Give your notice

Do NOT give your notice to your current company until your new employer and your recruiter give you the green light! It’s important to ALWAYS wait for your offer letter in writing before giving notice and be sure you set up a time to talk to your recruiter beforehand to walk through best practices of giving notice. You ALWAYS want to be fully prepared for this conversation and giving your notice prematurely can result in a lot of confusion and added stress.

The Right Team. Right Now.

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