How to Build a Relationship with a Recruiter

  1. Be certain

Before taking the next step and engaging with a recruiting agency, it is important to assess your current career situation and determine if working with a recruiter would be in your best interest. First, be sure that you are serious about making a career change and that your current circumstances allow for it. This is not a decision that you should make on a whim. Ensure that you are in a good headspace and take time to think it through before proceeding.

2. Set goals

If you decide that working with a recruiting agency is the right avenue for you, be sure to set intentions and identify your goals. Take time to assess your career goals and job preferences. To start, determine the industry and type of position you are looking for. Next, identify your preferences and search parameters such as location, company size, company culture, etc. Having goals prepared prior to speaking with your recruiter will speed up the process and make things easier on both ends, once you get the conversation going.

3. Get to know each other

Once you begin speaking with a recruiter, you will likely be able to determine if it would be mutually beneficial for you to work together. You want to see if they are able to help you accomplish your goals, and they want to see that you are a good candidate for their agency. Getting to know each other will help build momentum and make the process enjoyable!

4. Communicate your goals

It is important that you communicate your goals and search parameters to your recruiter to give them a better idea of what you are looking for. Providing them with this information will help the process run smoothly and efficiently. The more information you provide, the better they can help find the perfect job for you.

5. Be honest

Honesty is essential in developing a productive and authentic relationship with your recruiter. Once you begin to form a relationship, be completely transparent and open about your prior job search. For example, it is a good idea to keep them in the loop on the places you have already applied and/or interviewed. You should also be candid about your thoughts and opinions throughout the process. Remember, this is your career, and the recruiter wants to help you achieve your goals! If you aren’t interested in a specific position, or if you feel a job wouldn’t be a good fit for you, respectfully let them know.

6. Trust your recruiter

Trust is extremely important when building a relationship with a recruiter. It may take time to develop trust, especially if it’s your first time working with a recruiting agency. While it can be difficult to place your job search and potentially the fate of your career in someone else’s hands, remember that good recruiters are extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the market and they want to help you succeed. Their goal is to help you achieve your goals!

7. Stay involved and engaged

Your relationship with your recruiter shouldn’t be one-sided! Keep the conversation going and show that you are engaged and serious about the process. One way you can stay involved, is by occasionally researching companies and positions on your own and updating them on your interests to ensure you are on the same page. Also, if your recruiter approaches you with a job opportunity, don’t hesitate to ask questions! If you are interested in an opportunity, ask them to send you more information about the company and job requirements.

8. Be patient

Working with a recruiter is can be an extremely rewarding process, but it takes time! Don’t get discouraged or lose hope if you don’t hear back from your recruiter right away. Understand that this process takes time for a reason. A good recruiter will never rush through the process. They will take the time to explore all avenues to find the right position for you. Find a balance; periodically reach out to stay involved and engaged in the process, but don’t constantly ask for updates. Trust that your recruiter will come to you with important information on job opportunities!

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